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S411 AntarcticAARI_ ice chart quicklooks

The ice chart previews are made with a short python script. The scripts are running independently from the S411 production, therefore previews may be older than the S411 data itself. The standard S411/WMO portrayal is used for concentration and stage of development.The navigational portrayal is based on the POLARIS system. For each individual ice class the colors indicate:

ligth green
easy ice conditions (RIO>10)
light ice conditions (10>RIO>5)
normal ice operation (5>RIO>0)
elevated operational risk (0>RIO>-10)
special consideration (normally No-Go) (RIO<-10)
Clicking in the small preview opens a larger version (use the back button to return to this page).

Stage of development
Iceclass PC1
Iceclass PC2
Iceclass PC3
Iceclass PC4
Iceclass PC5
Iceclass PC6
Iceclass PC7
Iceclass 1As
Iceclass 1A
Iceclass 1B
Iceclass 1C
no Iceclass