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In the archipelagos of the Bay of Bothnia, there is up to 55 cm thick fast ice in the north and up to 25 cm thick fast ice in the south. At sea, there is thin level ice in the northwestern part and very close, up to 30 cm thick and partly ridged ice in the eastern part. At sea in the south, there is open to close thin ice. In the Quark, there is up to 35 cm thick fast ice in the archipelagos and bays and thin ice at sea. In the Sea of Bothnia and the Archipelago Sea, there is fast ice or thin level ice along the coasts. In Lake Mälaren, there is thin level ice and new ice. In the Gulf of Finland, there is up to 40 cm thick fast ice in the easternmost bays and close to very close ice at sea in the east. In the archipelagos and bays along the northern coast, there is fast ice. In the northeastern Gulf of Riga, there is 10–20 cm thick fast ice or very close ice in shel-tered bays.

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